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Are you ready to make your brand stick?
Social marketing trailblazer, April Kelly, dishes up time-tested advice and practical tools that will help you build a personal brand and real networking connections that deliver results.

Are you ready to make your personal brand stick?

Kelly shares corporate branding and networking experience to teach you how to

• Identify key strengths, unique values, and passions
• Create realistic, specific goals
• Enhance and define a personal brand
• Apply the four paramount rules of networking
• Use social networking sites to build a valuable network

Taking control of your career now is essential, and the advice Kelly shares in Spaghetti on the Wall will help you effectively manage and develop the kind of personal brand that sticks.

April Kelly held senior management positions and leadership roles for both PayPal and LinkedIn from their start-up years through their rapid growth to industry powerhouses. April is also the author of Gratitude at Work: How to Say Thank You, Give Kudos, and Get the Best from Those You Lead.

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Spaghetti on the Wall: Branding and Networking Methods that Stick

Published by Woohoo Press, LLC

ISBN13: 978-0-9824386-2-6

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